Be Your Own Inspiration in 4 Ways

Comparing yourself to other people as a way to inspire yourself is hugely unhelpful. It’s a whole heap healthier to use self-improvement as your motivation. No-one knows you better than you know yourself, and that’s a game-changer for encouraging any changes you want to make in your life. 

Acting as your personal inspiration and being your own cheerleader can be a super daunting challenge if you’re used to craving external validation, but there are a ton of ways to get started. 

Create a Bucket List

Bucket lists are a fantastic way to inspire yourself. 

One super important thing here is to think outside of the box when you’re choosing what to add to your bucket list so you can max out on fun and motivating activities. 

Think of things that will:

  • Really push your belief in what you think you can do
  • Push you to achieve some of the life changes you’ve been desperate to make but haven’t found the time or confidence to achieve
  • Give you major bragging rights if you can tick them off

To stop yourself from getting frustrated that you’re not making a ton of progress, it’s super smart to have some items on your bucket list that you can easily tick off. 

Mix these up with the dream items that you’d love to happen but would take longer to achieve. It gives you something to work towards and keeps things challenging but realistic. 

When you’re ready to start making your bucket list a reality, don’t forget to tell people about your plans. This is incredibly powerful for getting things done and getting some accountability for making it happen. If other people know what you’re intending, it’s pretty much impossible to swerve it, right?

Write a Personal Inventory of Your Achievements

Think you’ve not achieved much in your life? You might be super surprised when you take stock of what you’ve already done. 

Start by creating a timeline and mapping out everything that might count, no matter how small. 

Focus on things that pushed you out of your comfort zone or made you feel super confident about yourself.

These achievements don’t need to be super impressive to other people. It’s all about highlighting everything you can be proud of so you can be inspired to do more if it.

When you’re done, put the timeline somewhere prominent to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

Identify What Deeply Motivates You

Motivation is hugely important, especially for achieving success in life. If you know exactly what you want and why it’s so crucial to you, you’ve already won a major chunk of the battle. You’ll be a lot more inclined to act on it and use your motivation as inspiration. 

Your motivation can also be super crucial for moving past setbacks. These will always happen in life; it’s all about how you deal with them. 

Money can also throw a curveball here. If your main motivation for getting out of bed every morning is to earn money, dig a bit deeper to get the true picture. Why is the money super important? Maybe it’s to reach financial freedom for your family or set up your own business, for example. Chances are, it’s not the money that’s the real inspiration – it’s the emotions it creates or the options it opens up.

Finding your motivation isn’t always easy. Often, we identify what we think should motivate us instead of figuring out what truly does act as inspiration. It’s deeply personal, so it’s super smart to find your why and use it to inspire yourself.

Actively Challenge Yourself For 30 Days 

Setting yourself a challenge for 30 days is another easy way to inspire yourself. This challenge can be either physical or mental, or a bit of both. 

You might think that 30 days is a super short time to start making changes, but you can achieve a whole heap of progress in this time frame. 

It’s the perfect length to avoid feeling overwhelmed too. And if you successfully breeze through the challenge after 30 days, you’ve built up a ton of momentum to keep going beyond this. 

Every challenge you set yourself is another opportunity to take your life in a specific direction, especially if you’re trying to switch up your mindset. 

Short-term challenges can add up to long-term goals. And you can quickly get a taste for ticking off challenges. If you get super involved in regular challenges, you could try setting one every month and switching up the theme each time. 

Being your own inspiration is a whole heap easier than you might think. Pinning down your motivation is hugely important, not least because it’s a game-changer for staying inspired even life gets tough. Looking back on what you’ve already achieved and ticking items off your bucket list can be super helpful for inspiring you too. And if you need a push in the right direction, actively challenging yourself for 30 days will get the ball rolling!