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Awaken the healer within with an intuitive energy healer

Love Expanded is for seekers like you. For those who feel a calling within themselves. You are here in a time of shifting, healing, discovery, life purpose, and awakening. I welcome you into this sacred space. Together we can heal ourselves, heal our families, and heal the planet. It’s time to awaken the healer within and be your divine sovereign self.

Love Expanded Course Series

Release stress and anxiety, improves health, vitality and self-esteem, clear negative energies, promotes healing of mind, body and soul, and step into your personal power.

Universal Light Healing Session

A co-creative healing session for those with the desire to shift, change, and heal using a combination of different modalities. Awaken and ascend to your fullest potential. 

Past Life Regression

Self-Hypnosis is to open you up to the possibilities of gaining insights into new aspects of self. A Past Life Regression is to gain knowledge and healing. A Future Life Progression is future decision making from your higher self. 

Hi, I’m Kimberly Tien

I know what it’s like to be challenged with life. From childhood to my present day, I’ve walked through many challenges in my life. And I also have experienced the beautiful power of awakening and self-healing of mind, body, heart, and soul. Utilizing my education in Counseling Psychology, Energy Medicine, Health and Wellness, Meditation, Channeling Light Beings, and much more, I am passionate about helping others experience a state of inner peacefulness and wellbeing.

As your loving intuitive guide, it is my mission to assist in your healing at all levels of your being, including mind, body, soul, energy bodies, heart, generational trauma, and past lives. I am here to meet the heart and soul where they are on their specific journey, offering higher divine guidance and intuitive healing.

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Discover the power of self-love!

Love is a higher vibration and increases the immune system.

Fear is a lower vibration and decreases the immune system.

Be in Love, not Fear.

Open your intuition with free resources

Learn my favorite tools and techniques to connect with your physical, light, and dimensional bodies intuitively.

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