My journey

universal healer, intuitive guide and spiritual teacher.

I have always had an intuitive calling

Like so many, I had a challenging childhood. My family generation was filled with anger, shame, trauma, and victimization. I was very open to the spirit realm, and had many spiritual encounters and very little support and encouragement. From a young age, I became very shy, insecure, and I had a tremendous amount of fear. All these experiences and emotions culminated in me not loving myself and wanting to escape. 

I fell into the rut of following societal expectations, which extended into my adulthood. Climbing the corporate ladder and wanting to make money took over my life. I was working tons of hours, lived at my job, and had a lot of responsibility. But then I adopted a son. This was one of the biggest blessings in my life, and a pivotal time of awakening for me. I knew when I saw my son I had to be a better person. I had to be everything for that baby boy: a loving, supporting, and protecting Mother. 

I started to take a lot of courses and healing classes, opening up to my spirituality and past spiritual experiences. Even though I was assaulted on all sides, facing homelessness, child custody, and excessive legal battles, I was committed to fulfilling my life passion.

I was pushed over the cliff but this was part of my spiritual awakening. I was able to dig deep within myself to find the strength, the motivation, the faith in God, and the divine plan.

I had to face many of my fears and life choices. Over the years it has been a time of healing, believing, remembering, and a time to forgive myself and all those that did me wrong.

It was a time of realization and forgiveness of all those who hurt me because they acted as a gift in being a part of my spiritual awakening journey. I have love, forgiveness, and peace in my heart in knowing I was given many gifts to remember who I am and to reach beyond the depths of this life. I am now in a place of loving myself, loving life, and having the utmost profound gratitude for such beauty, magic and the mysteries life has to offer.

This is why I love this work. I have the experiences and I have learned many lessons, healed my own mind, body, and soul. I want to be of service and support all those that are not awakened, living in fear, being a victim, needing healing, and needing to awaken their spiritual light warrior within. To learn to love themselves and know they are sovereign, creative beings that are far greater than the human life.

You Are a Divine Being.

This is my passion: to serve, assist and support souls in their own healing journey and to offer tools, techniques, and wisdom to walk this healing journey.

My own personal experiences and journey have not only transformed my life, but opened my heart with compassion, love, and nonjudgement. 

It has enabled me to see through the heart, the soul, and the beautiful divine being in front of me. Even though we all have our own unique journey, it still comes down to being loved and supported without judgment. To be able to see the wonderful potential within you!

It is my mission to serve all those souls wanting to awaken the healer within. Who are seeking to heal themselves and connect to the knowledge of their true divine sovereign being. To truly remember the truth of who they are. To tap into the power of divine abundance of love, light, and expanding consciousness for themselves and to assist the shift in the consciousness of humanity.

With over 30 years of health care experience working for Homecare, Medical Equipment, Infusion Therapy, and hospitals, I have done extensive studies in both traditional and spiritual practices. I've studied indigenous cultures, shamanism, energy medicine, and traditional counseling, as well as various meditation styles.

Some of my modalities include Reiki, Chakras, Multi-dimensional energies, infusing Cosmic Light Collective Consciousness, and Light Language for shifting and releasing energies. I activate the crystalline cellular DNA to potentiate healing, raising the vibration and embodying awakening.


Combining traditional and alternative modalities.

  • National University - BBA Business Administration/Health Care Administration
  • Immaculata University - Attended the Masters in Counseling Psychology Program
  • IIN Health Coach Certification
  • Environmental Health Certification
  • Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certification
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • NLP Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Firewalker Instructor
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Embrace your Opportunity to Heal

Get the guidance you need to step into the power of love, light, and expand your consciousness to fulfill your life purpose.

Love Expanded Course Series

Release stress and anxiety, promotes healing of mind, body and soul, clear negative energies, improved health, vitality and self-esteem, and step into your personal power. 

Universal Light Healing Session

A co-creative healing session for those with the desire to shift, change, and heal using a combination of different modalities. Awaken and ascend to your fullest potential. 

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Sessions are designed to open you up to the possibilities of gaining incredible insights into new aspects of self. The Session utilizes Past Life Regression and/or Future Life Progression.